How To Create And Sell HTML Templates

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How To Create And Sell HTML Templates

Lucian Tartea
28 ratings

Learn how to create and sell HTML templates from an actual maker with +5 years experience of doing this full time and living from the resulted passive income. No boss, no commute, no alarm clock, not even pressure from freelancing customers.

I am Lucian, I make HTML templates for a living and have published them successfully on all major marketplaces including my own website. Now I'm sharing everything I've learned to help you build products and discover the true power of HTML & CSS.

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Free full chapters: Introduction and Why Make HTML Templates

You will learn

  • The full range of benefits including the sweet passive income
  • My entire template making experience with transparent $ sales results
  • How to go through the building stages: idea, sketch, design, code
  • Identifying template subjects that are in demand through research
  • Where to find inspiration for design, layout and colors
  • Which are the essential sections and components of an HTML template
  • Coding best practices and how to package the template
  • How to test the template so you minimize support requests
  • How to sell them on marketplaces and on your own templates shop
  • What marketplaces are worth your time and generate sales
  • The commissions they practice and tips for increasing your sales
  • Starting your own shop using Gumroad for payments and item delivery
  • Resources specific for template makers which make life easier

This ebook is not about learning HTML, CSS or design. The ebook is about the process of creating and the business side of how to actually sell templates.

Case study

The ebook features a practical case study based on a top selling template from my portfolio. We will go together through the entire creation process.


You get the case study template with all HTML, CSS, JS, image files. 100% free MIT license. Use it for inspiration and as foundation for your own templates.


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For any questions don't hesitate to use my contact page on Templatesurf.com or DM on Twitter @luciantartea

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